The director, producers, cast and crew are eager to turn the Lunatic story into a feature film. The purpose for the trailer is to to attract backers to the project to help raise the money and awareness. As is often the case, money to make an independent feature film is not easy to come by, so YOUR help is needed to get the production underway. We are in negotiations with private investors, but also encourage individuals to make donations. You can donate any value as every dollar helps to reach the campaign goal of $800,000.

What's the money going towards? The funding is needed for camera gear, lighting & electrical, production crew, locations, wardrobe, special effects, set construction, food, accomodations, make-up, props, visual effects, editing and to be able to attach name actors to the project. Making a film is a costly undertaking.
A poverty stricken town is
taken off guard by a lunatic
in a frog mask crushing people
in a stolen garbage truck.